Truck Accidents Infographic

5 Things You Need to Know About Truck Accidents Infographic

There’s nothing simple about a truck accident. From determining liability to getting the settlement you deserve, it’s a heck of a lot more complicated than your typical fender bender. That’s why we put together this handy infographic about what makes a truck accident different, and what you need to do to get back on your…

Present Tense, but Lose the Tension

Under Analysis: Present Tense, but Lose the Tension. The S.E. Farris Law Firm

It’s been a rough week here at the Levison Towers. A sewer line broke in the basement and the plumbers had the whole floor torn up. We take pipes for granted in that they move water out of our sight. There are however other unpleasantries associated with moving sewage. Suffice it to say that what happens in the basement does not stay in the basement.

This was the only time when I thought…

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Rebecca J. Grosser, Grosser Law, LLC. St. Louis Criminal Attorney

We’d like to welcome attorney Rebecca Grosser to our building and to the neighborhood. If you need help with criminal matters, contact us today for a referral at 314-A-LAWYER (314-252-9937).
Rebecca J. Grosser has extensive jury trial experience, handling matters ranging from misdemeanors to murder in the first degree. Rebecca represents individuals in municipal court, as well as in various…

Under Analysis // March 2014

Change is More Than Coins and Bills // Under Analysis by Spencer Farris, March 2014

Change is more than coins and bills…
Last week I was the recipient of some windfall time. The case that I had been preparing for trial for several years settled, and I had a couple of empty days on my calendar. I was faced with a choice; catch up on some things around the office or enjoy the windfall and skip out.

When whatever guardian angel that watches over trial lawyers opens a hole in…

Spencer Farris Elected to American Board of Trial Advocates

Attorney Spencer Farris ABOTA American Board of Trial Advocates St. Louis Law Firm Personal Injury

St. Louis personal injury attorney welcomed into prestigious bar organization
Spencer E. Farris, managing partner of The S.E. Farris Law Firm, was welcomed into the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) last week. The association constitutes a “who’s who” of trial lawyers across the U.S., inviting only the most qualified and highly regarded trial attorneys into its ranks.

“This is…

What is Time to a Pig?

From the nationally syndicated column “Under Analysis”
Turkey day is almost here, which means it is a Holiday week in the Levison Towers.  As a result, more lawyers than usual are showing up late for work, if they show up at all. The associates know that the partners are not watching them, and the partners are preoccupied. Those that are here mill around like zombies in casual clothes, wrapping…

The Science of Windfalls

From the nationally syndicated column “Under Analysis”
Stuart Tomas stopped by the Levison Towers this week while he was in the area promoting his book “Getting To No, The Art Of Passive Aggression.” At least he said he was in the area promoting his book. I think he was just here trying to scam some World Series tickets.

I am typically happy to see Tomas and today was no exception. I had…

“Transitioning from Middle Age Lawyer to Grumpy Old Man” from the nationally syndicated column Under Analysis

The S.E. Farris Law Firm

The weather is in flux here at the Levison Towers. Skip Harvey, the maintenance man, has been here long enough to be unflummoxed by the whole ordeal. Although temperatures have dropped about 20° in the Midwest seemingly overnight, the heating and cooling system at the Towers are not nearly as responsive. Those of us who know better wear jackets over short sleeve shirts. Newcomers call Skip to…

Shoplifting Accusation Leads to Wrongful Arrest, Imprisonment Law Suit for National Electronics Retailer

The S.E. Farris Law Firm

The S.E. Farris Law Firm is representing a St. Louis man who claims he was falsely accused of shoplifting by retail store staff
St. Louis, MO (June 28, 2013) – A St. Louis man is suing a local outlet of a national electronics retailer for false arrest and false imprisonment after events that occurred on December 24, 2012.

According to court documents filed in the Circuit Court of St.

Settling your personal injury case without an attorney? Watch out for the traps!

The S.E. Farris Law Firm

Thinking of settling your personal injury case without an attorney? You may want to think again after you watch this video.

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