Foreclosure Debt

Homeowners Pay Off Mortgages, Still Face Foreclosure

Paid off home loans still haunt homeowners
If you’ve paid off your home loan in the past few years, you may still face foreclosure. If you refinanced your home loan, you may be told your old loan is delinquent. And if a home loan was satisfied through a bankruptcy, you could still find yourself served with foreclosure documents.

According to a recent article from Reuters, unlawful attempts…

New Year, New Frauds – Credit Card Debts & Foreclosures

Some Credit Card Collection Efforts and Foreclosures Rely on Sloppy or Fraudulent Documents

It’s a new year, but the specter of old debt, robo-signing and fraudulent foreclosure practices continues to haunt Missouri consumers.

The use of a dead woman’s name on affidavits used by a debt collector to bring credit card debt lawsuits against consumers is the latest incarnation of the problem,…

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