Hypocrites of tort reform

Hypocrites of Tort Reform- Mike Christian, (R) Oklahoma

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There is nothing more disgusting than a hypocrite. And when the culprit is from my home state of Oklahoma, it is doubly sickening to me.

Mike Christian is a republican legislator for Oklahoma. Like many Republicans, he hates trial lawyers and is willing to punish injury victims in order to take a swipe at their lawyers. He voted this past year to limit damages to injured victims and made it…

Big Business Has Access to the Courts. Why Don’t You?

The S.E. Farris Law Firm

The hypocrites are at it again. We have given you a list of those who don’t want injury victims to sue, but are only too quick to sue when they are wronged.

The American Association for Justice has released a new study of big businesses who sue, but don’t want to be held responsible when they cause harm.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants to make our country more business friendly, but at…

“Good Hands” Get Slapped: Allstate pays for Claims Practice Abuses

Allstate Insurance has long been criticized for its treatment of injury victims. The company uses computer software, among other things, to decide the settlement value of injury claims.

Because the software, called Colossus, is not readily available to those outside the insurance industry, it is impossible to check the software for errors or computations designed to pay claims unfairly. Lawyers…

It is only Lawsuit Abuse when Injury Victims Sue, Right?

This blog isn’t really about personal injury law. It is, however, another poke in the eye of fake watchdog groups whose only REAL intention is to protect corporate profits at the expense of individual rights.

When it comes to calling a hypocrite a hypocrite, few do it better than Jim Hightower. Seems the “watchdog” group Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) are asleep at the switch. Or mor…

Medical Community for Lawsuits, When they Aren’t Getting Sued!

The US Supreme Court ruled that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of medical devices immunized the manufacturer from a lawsuit for damages. Sure, the FDA is understaffed, and often referred to as a revolving door for medical device company employees. Still, this was a big blow to injury vicims seeking to recover their losses due to a defective product.

Today, none other than a doctor…

More Attacks on Your Rights!

They are at it again! Those hypocrites over at the U.S. Chamber(pot) of Commerce want to take away your right to sue for damages- even though their members file hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits every year!

This time, it is a public relations ploy, showing anti-lawsuit ads before movies in theaters across the country. Although they spend more money lobbying Congress than any group, t…

Hank Greenberg Supports “Terrorism?”

In the news at today- brand new law suit by Maurice “Hank” Greenberg. Hankie was recently the chairman of insurance giant AIG.

Now that he has been disgraced, and AIG has fleeced the taxpayers of millions, if not billions, Greenberg hired attorneys to sue AIG for making material misrepresentations that ruined his fortune.

Is this the same Greenberg that called tort lawyers-…

Hypocrites of Tort Reform: Long Version!

The Hypocrites Of Tort Reform Advocates Who Changed Their Tunes
Emily Gottlieb
Deputy director of the Center for Justice & Democracy.

No one likes a hypocrite. Yet one would be hard pressed to find more hypocrites than in the “tort reform” movement. Take a look at the record of a host of lawmakers, lobbyists and even journalists who complain about lawsuits and argue that the rights of…

Hypocrites of Court Reform

June 14, 2007
Editorial – Bork v. Bork
NY Times

There are many versions of the cliché that “a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged,” and Robert Bork has just given rise to another. A tort plaintiff, it turns out, is a critic of tort lawsuits who has slipped and fallen at the Yale Club.

Mr. Bork, of course, is the former federal appeals court judge who was nominated to t…

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